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Feod Group’s team of European lawyers and immigration experts provides a full range of services for filing and obtaining the status of Residency by Investment in the following countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, France.

You can contact us for a consultation online or at our office in Cyprus.

During the consultation you will receive:

  • Comparison of requirements for obtaining Golden Visas in Europe
  • Assessment of your chances for the selected country
  • Stages of clearance, conditions of purchase and maintenance of investments

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    Benefits of programs for investors

    Residency obtained through investment can provide a number of benefits to the investor, his family and business.

    ✅ Minimum requirements for residence in the country

    One of the main advantages of obtaining residency by investment is the absence of requirements for the investor to permanently reside abroad.

    Unlike many other residency programs, you can maintain and renew your Golden Visa residency while living in your primary country.

    For example, under the program for financially independent foreigners, you must permanently (183+ days) live abroad, which is not very convenient for many.

    ✅ Residence for the whole family

    Resident cards can be issued simultaneously for the whole family: including the spouse, children, parents, and in some countries even for grandparents.


    ✅ Large selection of investment options

    Investment residency programs usually offer a variety of investment options that fit a variety of investor goals and budgets: in local companies, start-ups, purchase of residential or commercial real estate, government securities, investment funds, bank deposits, charitable organizations, as well as in other areas of the country economy.

    ✅ Tax incentives

    By obtaining a Temporary or Permanent residence permit for investment, you do not have to become tax residents. But in some countries, for example, in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, you can take advantage of special tax conditions, such as non-domicile status, which, on the contrary, may be more beneficial for the investor.

    ✅ Benefits for business

    The status of a resident of an EU country simplifies the procedure for creating a corporate structure and opening a bank account for your company.

    ✅ Future for kids

    By receiving the EU residency your children obtain a good opportunity in planning their future. Children who are residents of an EU country can choose a place to receive education without any restrictions and at the same price as for local residents.

    ✅ Citizenship in a country of the European Union

    When residing in the selected country and subject to other conditions (depending on the country), the investor and his family can apply for citizenship.

    Country Comparison

    Сountry Investment options Validity of the first resident card Minimum residence period Citizenship



    • from 250 000 € investment in real estate

    • from 400,000 €

    – Greek companies

    – real estate investment fund

    – bank deposits

    – purchase of government bonds

    5 years

    No requirements    After 7 years


    • 500,000€ for residential or commercial real estate, or a combination of options

    • 1 million € – company shares

    • 1 million € – bank deposit

    • 2 million € – government bonds

     3 years

    No requirements   After 10 years



    • from 250.000 € to innovative start-ups

    • from 500.000€ in the authorized capital of Italian companies

    • from 1 million € charitable donations to socially significant projects

    • from €2 million in government bonds

    2 years

    No requirements   After 10 years



    300 thousand €

    • purchase of residential or commercial real estate

    • Cypriot companies

    • funds

    10 years

    once in the first year and then once every 2 years

       Аfter 7 years


    • Purchase of property from 300,000 € (Gozo / south of Malta) or from 350,000 € (north of Malta)

    • Either renting a property from 10,000 € per year (Gozo / south of Malta) or from 12,000 € per year (north of Malta) for 5 years.

    5 years

    No requirements

    Does not lead to citizenship



    • Creation of at least 10 jobs

    • from 250,000 euros in support of artistic production, restoration or preservation of the national cultural heritage.

    • from 500,000 euros for research activities

    • investment in companies in the amount of 500,000 euros + creation of five permanent jobs.

    • in venture capital funds from 500,000 euros.

    2 years

       7 days a year     After 5 years



      €300,000 to French companies and start-ups

    4 years

    No requirements     After 5 years

    The investor receives an advantage not only in the form of immigration status for the whole family, but also replenishes his investment portfolio with a profitable investment of funds with the ability to receive passive income + with the prospect of obtaining EU citizenship.

    Contact our immigration specialists and lawyers for all the necessary information!

    We have experience in working with various options for obtaining resident status: investments in real estate, business, funds or innovative projects, and we will be able to find the most suitable program for your needs!

    Our experts will help you understand the requirements of each of the available programs and will provide advice and guidance throughout the residency by investment process!


    How to choose a residency by investment program?

    It all depends on the needs and goals of each investor.

    Someone wants to have a safe haven in the EU, or operates a business in the European market and minimize taxation, or move the whole family to permanent residence in Europe, or combine business and personal goals.

    Among our clients the most requested investment residency programs are in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.

    In order to understand which program is right for you, please contact our specialists. We will conduct a detailed consultation and select the best option for you and your family, taking into account your individual circumstances and preferences.

    What are the most popular investment options?

    Programs have a wide range of investment options – real estate, business, company shares, startups, securities, investment funds, bank deposits, donations.

    Real estate is the most popular route. But we recommend that you work not only with real estate developers or sellers, but also with immigration lawyers and local lawyers, the most important thing is that they know that the property you have chosen is suitable for an investment scheme.

    Forming a company is the second most popular investment residency option.

    If you are considering taking this route, there are many factors you need to consider, such as hiring local staff and competition in the market. You must submit a detailed business plan and have a complete understanding of the local market.

    What is the procedure for obtaining resident status by investment?

    Each country has its own procedure and nuances, but the general procedure is as follows:

    1. Choosing a program, investment object and determining the availability of financial security: capital for investment and savings or independent income to justify living
    2. Confirmation of the investor’s reputation: preparation of the applicant’s documents confirming the source of funds, the absence of a criminal record and migration violations
    3. Legal due diligence, appraisal and investment audit
    4. Obtaining investment approval and investor candidacy
    5. Making an investment
    6. Submission of documents to the migration service within the country or to the Embassy
    7. Submission of documents and obtaining a resident card

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