Family Reunification in Cyprus

In accordance with immigration legislation, citizens of Cyprus and foreign nationals legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus have the right to family reunification, provided certain conditions are met.

The categories of individuals eligible for family reunification in Cyprus include:

  • Spouses who have reached the age of 21
  • Minor children and stepchildren, including unmarried adopted children, of the spouse(s)
  • Parents of Cypriot citizens
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Obtaining Residency in Cyprus through the Family Reunification Program

To enter the territory and obtain residency in Cyprus for close relatives (spouse(s) and/or minor children), it is necessary to obtain prior entry permission, which is granted by the Department of Civil Registry and Migration.

Requirements for Applicants

A foreign citizen has the opportunity to obtain a permanent residency permit in Cyprus when marrying a citizen of the country. Additionally, there is the option to obtain a temporary residency permit for children under the age of 18 from previous marriages, as well as for the parents of the spouse.

Validity Period

Usually, family members are granted the first residency permit for a duration of one year, or the residency permit is issued for the same validity period as that of the applicant’s residency permit.

The main requirements for obtaining residency through the family reunification program in Cyprus include:

  • The applicant (as a resident of Cyprus) must have legally resided in the Republic for at least 2 years and hold a residency permit valid for a minimum of 1 year. Exceptions are made for participants in Permanent Residency programs for property owners, Intra-Company Transferees, financially independent individuals, and Pink Slip holders, where this rule does not apply, and family members can submit documents simultaneously.
  • The inviting party must demonstrate financial stability and have sufficient means to support the family in Cyprus.
  • Providing suitable housing conditions for the family’s residence in Cyprus.
  • No criminal convictions, deportations, entry bans, as well as tax and other debts from the inviting party. The Department of Civil Registry and Migration issues residency permits for family members in the form of a plastic card.

Required Documents for Family Reunification in Cyprus include:

Identity and family relationship documents, such as passports, certified copies of the inviting party’s valid residency permit, marriage certificate, and birth certificates of all family members.

Certificates of no criminal record and a certificate from the Cyprus Police stating the absence of criminal records, excluding children under 16 years old.

Medical certificates confirming the absence of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and tuberculosis.

Documents confirming the availability of housing, including ownership rights or a long-term lease agreement, as well as utility bills.

Medical insurance for all family members and a certificate from the Cyprus Social Insurance Fund.

Financial documents of the inviting party, including bank statements, employment income details, and tax service confirmations of the resident’s tax compliance.

Copy of a valid passport or other identity document valid at the time of application and with a validity period of at least six months after the end of the employment contract (minimum validity period – 9 months). The original passport is required at the time of application.

Copies of passport pages with entry stamps into the Republic and visa.

Copy of the marriage certificate, provided that the marriage was registered at least a year before the application, and the spouse has reached 21 years of age.

Copy of the birth certificate for minor children (under 18 years old and unmarried).

For children aged 4, 5 to 15 years – a letter from a licensed kindergarten or school in Cyprus regarding enrollment/attendance.

Court decision on the adoption of children (if necessary).

Original certificate of no criminal record from the country of citizenship (for individuals over 16 years old).

Document confirming ownership or lease agreement of accommodation.

Health insurance certificate or participation document in the General Healthcare System (GESY).

Employment contract of the working spouse valid for at least 18 months from the application date.

Copy of the employee’s tax return for the previous year and bank statements.

Utility bills from the working spouse.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Family Reunification in Cyprus

    ✔ How long is the residency permit granted for family reunification in Cyprus valid?

    The validity period of the residency permit issued to family members corresponds to the validity period of the residency permit of the main applicant.

    ✔ Do family members have the right to work and study in Cyprus?

    Yes, the spouse has the right to engage in employment without the need to apply for a work permit. Children also have the opportunity to receive education in Cyprus.

    ✔ Is it possible to obtain Cypriot citizenship through marriage?

    If you are the spouse of a Cypriot citizen, and your marriage has existed for more than 3 years, even if your Cypriot spouse permanently resides abroad, you have the right to acquire Cypriot citizenship based on marriage. In other cases, if your family has been living in Cyprus for more than 2 years at the time of applying for citizenship.

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