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Since 2007, Feod Group has been providing comprehensive business and legal services related to company registration, investment funds and trusts in Cyprus.

✓ Due diligence on documentation
✓ Corporate planning
✓ Assistance in international tax planning
✓ Submission of documents for company registration
✓ Obtaining full set of corporate documentation with apostille
✓ Providing with legal address, secretary and nominee service
✓ Applying for company registration with tax authorities
✓ Applying for opening bank accounts
✓ Company administration and many ancillary services for your business and family.

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    Legal and corporate services for the registration of companies in Cyprus

    If you are looking for the best place to register a new company and seek to enter the European or international market - then Cyprus is the best option in terms of income taxation, business and financial infrastructure!
    Corporate tax rate

    Cyprus is a reputable business and financial center, with an advanced legal, accounting and banking system, as well as a highly skilled and multilingual workforce.

    Thanks to its legal system, full integration into the European Union, the ability to legally minimize taxation, and quickly register a company, Cyprus is called ➡️ “The most convenient jurisdiction for international and European business.”

    Cyprus is a very attractive proposition for foreigners who wish to implement both personal and corporate platforms in the EU.


    Why is it advantageous to register a company in Cyprus?

    Having your own company in Cyprus will allow you to work and conduct business in an economically stable and prestigious jurisdiction with access to the international market, legally minimize taxes and obtain a long-term residence permit for the whole family.

    How to open a company in Cyprus for a non-resident?

    There are no restrictions on opening a company in Cyprus for foreigners. In order to register your company in Cyprus, you need to go through the registration procedure: obtain a foreign tax number, select and register a company name; open a bank account and deposit the authorized capital; have a legal address; appoint a director; register a company with state and tax authorities.

    What is the corporate tax in Cyprus?

    The current corporate tax in Cyprus is 12.5%

    For companies in the field of intellectual property, there is a special tax regime IP BOX, which allows you to reduce corporate tax to a rate of 2.5%.

    How to open a corporate bank account in Cyprus?

    In order to open a bank account in Cyprus, you need to go through the following procedure:

    • Choosing a Cypriot Bank
    • Collection and preparation of documents for opening a bank account
    • Obtaining prior approval from a Cypriot bank
    • Signing bank questionnaires and forms
    • Interview with a bank representative and sending signed forms to the bank
    • Access to online banking and receiving a bank card
    What do you need to open a company in Cyprus?

    To set up your company in Cyprus, you need:

    • determine the business structure and choose the appropriate organizational and legal form of the company
    • reserve a trade name for a company
    • prepare the necessary documents, provide a professional and financial business profile of the beneficiaries
    • availability of the legal address of the registered business
    • appoint a director
    • register a new company with state and tax authorities
    • open a corporate account in a Cypriot bank and deposit the share capital
    What taxes do companies in Cyprus pay?

    Cyprus attracts many companies with its low corporate tax rates and affordable incentives that allow legal tax optimization.

    Basic taxes for companies in Cyprus:

    • The corporate tax rate is 12.5%.
    • The standard VAT rate in Cyprus is 19%. However, the effective rate can be 9% or 5%, depending on the type of activity and the company’s turnover.
    • Employer Contributions in Cyprus: The employer pays around 14.9% of employees’ salaries.
    • Tax on dividends in Cyprus – 0%
    • Capital gains apply only to profits attributable to immovable property located in Cyprus – 20% rate.
    Is it possible to register a company in Cyprus without personal presence?

    Yes, personal presence is not required to register a company in Cyprus.

    What are the types of Cypriot companies?

    The most popular business structures for registering a company in Cyprus are:

    • Individual entrepreneur
    • Private Limited Company (LTD)
    • Branch of a foreign company
    • Cyprus Trust
    Is it possible to obtain a residence permit by opening a company in Cyprus?

    Opening a company in Cyprus is the basis for business immigration. However, just a registered company is not enough. To obtain a residence permit, you must also carry out business activities, have an office, a place of residence in Cyprus and a confirmed stable income.

    Under certain legal conditions, an entrepreneur and his family can obtain a residence permit in Cyprus and take advantage of all the benefits that reside in an EU country.

    Also, when investing in Cypriot companies in the amount of 300,000 euros, you can get unlimited permanent residence in Cyprus for the whole family.

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