When is it Super Beneficial to Use a Cypriot Company

Chryso Christofidou
Managing Director
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08 09.2023

Cyprus is a jurisdiction where companies and beneficiaries find maximum advantage. Every year, about 1,000 new companies register in Cyprus because the island offers unparalleled opportunities for business.

Why a Cypriot company can bring you maximum benefits?

Key Benefits:

1️⃣ Trading in the EU

Register a company in Cyprus for inter-company trade within the EU and enjoy zero VAT, only 12.5% corporate tax, and absolutely zero tax on dividend payouts!

2️⃣ Buying and Selling Corporate Rights

In Cyprus, there’s a 0% tax on the sale of corporate rights.

3️⃣ Capital Gains from Stock/Bond Trading

If you trade stocks or bonds, profits from their sale are completely tax-free.

4️⃣ Capital Gains from Forex

Profits from Forex are also not subject to corporate tax in Cyprus.

5️⃣ Intellectual Property

Thanks to the IP BOX regime, corporate tax can be reduced to as low as 2.5%, and dividends can be withdrawn tax-free!

6️⃣ Cyprus Holdings

Cyprus holding companies are extremely popular due to the current double tax treaties between Cyprus and many countries. With the correct structure, you can enjoy up to nil corporate tax and dividends.

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✔️ Administration and fiduciary services

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