Investments and real estate in Cyprus

📍 Cyprus traditionally attracts thousands of investors from around the world due to its geographicall location, modern developed infrastructure, preferential taxation, high quality of life, excellent healthcare and education system.

The investment potential of Cyprus is growing exceptionally fast and offers many new opportunities.

One of the most preferred instruments is investment in apartments, villas, houses, commercial and agricultural in Cyprus.

Since many families are actively looking for a safe haven for permanent residence, or a profitable investment and permanent passive income, Cyprus provides all these opportunities at once.

In 2022 alone, the total value of property sold in Cyprus reached a staggering €5.8 billion.

Cyprus is a strong, stable and fast growing market!

What are the benefits of purchasing property in Cyprus?

Investing in property in Cyprus will provide many opportunities for you and your family.

One can obtain through rentals a passive income, apply for permanent residency status for your family and live in a safe and secure country of the European Union.

Your property in Cyprus is your “alternate airfield”, where you can relax or live at any time of the year in a warm climate with fantastic nature, connecting mountains and sea.

A simple and fast program for obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus for the whole family is by purchasing a property from 300,000 € + VAT.

High capital return in Cypriot real estate.
Investments in property in Cyprus can generate income on a monthly basis when renting from 5% -7% per annum, as well as capital appreciation.

Tax optimization

  • 0% wealth and inheritance taxes
  • 0% real estate tax
  • 0% tax on dividends, interest, capital gains (upon obtaining Non-domicile status)
What are the benefits of purchasing property in Cyprus?What are the benefits of purchasing property in Cyprus?

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    Our services and benefits

    Our services and benefits

    ⇒ We have a permanent office in Larnaca, we have known the Cyprus real estate market for many years and provide consultations only about trusted developers.

    ⇒ We provide consultations on various forms of payment; developer loans; Possibility to pay in installments.

    ⇒ We inform the client of all aspects relating to the property and to the infrastructure of the area, the potential of further resale or rent.

    ⇒ Our experts advise the client on personal taxation for residents and non-residents, as well as on the taxes that the client must pay when buying a property.

    ⇒ The immigration specialist also advises on all issues related to obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus.

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    Irina MazurIrina Mazur
    Irina Mazur
    Real estate expert in Cyprus

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