Webinar Investing in real estate in Cyprus: where, when and how

Elena Georghiou
Founder and Managing Director
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11 12.2023

We are pleased to share about a successfully conducted webinar on the topic “Investing in real estate in Cyprus: where, when and how”.

On November 29, the Feod Group team held a closed webinar for investors interested in profitable investments in the Cyprus real estate market.

Webinar topics included:

✔️ Analysis of the Cyprus real estate market

  • Expert review of the current market situation to maximize the potential of Cyprus real estate.

✔️ Real estate price trends

  • Detailed analysis of the prospects for different regions of Cyprus, including growth factors and potential risks.

✔️ Selection of real estate: new buildings and secondary market

  • Discussion of the advantages and nuances of choosing between new buildings and objects on the secondary market helped webinar participants better understand the various possibilities.

✔️ Investments in land plots and construction business

  • complete information about construction stages, costs and costs per square meter;
  • how and when to start selling;
  • what you need to pay attention to in order to avoid mistakes in choosing a construction team;

✔️ Tax issues and recommendations

Experts examined in detail the tax aspects of investing in real estate in Cyprus.

  • tax when buying or selling real estate
  • tax on profits from real estate
  • features of taxation when investing in land plots
  • tax optimization strategies for investors

✔️ Answers to questions

  • A question and answer session allowed participants to receive specific guidance and clarification on their own investment scenarios.

We thank everyone for their active participation in our webinar and express our sincere wishes for successful and profitable investments. Our team is confident that the information received at the webinar will become an integral resource in your investment portfolio!

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