Navigating Legal Support in the Construction Business in Cyprus

George Georghiou
Managing Director
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04 10.2023

In the dynamic realm of the construction business, especially in a market as diverse as Cyprus, a thorough understanding of the industry is crucial. Whether your aspiration is to become a fully licensed property developer or to delve into owning land and managing property projects like many locals, structured planning and professional guidance are essential.

Initial Steps

Do Your Homework: Before making any decisions or viewing land, it’s imperative to thoroughly research, clarify your objectives, and assemble a team of seasoned professionals who will collaborate with you from day one.

Local Insights & Foreign Investments

Recently, an increasing number of Cypriot landowners, even those with limited experience, have been venturing into the property development business. This trend is driven by the recognition that managing property projects can be a more straightforward path and offers higher profitability compared to solely profiting from land sales. Observing successful foreign investors, such as those from Israel, can provide valuable insights. These investors often bring in experienced lawyers from their home country who collaborate with local experts, including lawyers, valuers, architects, marketers, and constructors.

Legal Advisors & Team Building

Selecting a trusted and experienced legal advisor in Cyprus is a critical first step. As a foreigner, integrating local knowledge with your team’s expertise, akin to Israeli investors, will pave the way for a smoother transition into the Cypriot market.

Benefits of Following Our Guidance

Adhering to our advice, you can anticipate the following outcomes:

  • Acquisition of reasonably priced land plots that align with your objectives.
  • Comprehensive support from accredited valuers and civil engineers, essential for an initial financial overview of the project.
  • Insightful marketing data to make informed decisions about your target audience.
  • Prudent preparation of your investment capital, considering legalities, taxes, and logistics of funds.
  • Regular updates, documentation, and breakdowns of fees throughout the project from an expert architect team.
  • Legal assistance in preparing contracts, safeguarding your interests, and facilitating marketing through trusted real estate companies.

Location, Target Audience, & Pricing

Initiating your property development business in Larnaca/Pafos’s promising residential areas, as opposed to city centers, can be advantageous. Define your sales goals early, focusing on local buyers as your primary market. The prevalent market rates are around Euros 190,000 for 2-bedroom, 230,000 for 3-bedroom apartments, and 400,000 for villas.

Construction Company & Cost Negotiation

The reputation of your chosen construction company is paramount. Collaborate closely with your local lawyer to negotiate various costs involved. The construction cost, including all architect team expenses, land costs, and other expenditures, should not exceed 1,600/sqm for apartments and 2,200/sqm for houses.

Land Selection & Project Features

Opt for land with a density of 100% or more. Planning larger projects like gated apartment complexes with additional amenities such as playgrounds and extra parking spaces can significantly enhance your sales prospects.

Financing & Sales Strategy

Leverage the advantage of initiating sales right from obtaining the building permit, using the funds brought in by your buyers for construction. However, maintaining a reserved fund for construction is essential to ensure the project’s successful completion. With prudent planning and execution, doubling your investment is a realistic expectation.

How to Start Your Construction Project in Cyprus: Efficient Use of an €800,000 Budget


Embarking on a construction venture in Cyprus as a foreigner may pose challenges, but with diligent research, strategic planning, and expert advice, achieving significant profit is a tangible goal.

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